Eagle – Fire – Truth Sticks – Ethics and Choice

eagle panorama largeSome things are hard and difficult. Choices to be wholesome or avoid harm goes by another name Ethics. Not a comfortable topic. Often I find people dodge and weave or leave the room when it comes up.

Why is that? Maybe it is due to our childhood and current experience of how debased the work ethics and morality has become. We see and hear religious leaders talk about and don’t abide by it. They also say things like no contraception and no masturbation, we know that is crap. We hear them say ‘Act in kindness cause no harm’ and then see them do the opposite.  So we see  much hypocrisy we throw the concept away.

I suggested to a guy advertising life stage training for men that he should include work on ethics. He replied that ‘ we don’t do abstract and intellectual things’. I felt like saying ‘ Well how about an uncle holding down his nine-year old niece and raping her, is that abstract ?’ Sounds over the top, but I work as a counsellor and prison chaplain, and often hear stories like this. It is very real for me and it happens.

So we need the courage of the eagle, the truth of the fire and to stand up straight like the truth sticks. In my work with groups of men and some women around violence prevention ( domestic violence ) I realised that for many some sense of core value or ethics was missing from their life – missing from society in a way. Without an appropriate core value around not doing harm, how could anyone learn to change? So I read and researched and reflected on something useful to use in my work. I came up with the following. It’s not really new or rocket science, perhaps a new way of saying and packaging it.

Chose to be  wholesome as a foundation for living!

  1. I have a choices.
  2. I am responsible for my choices.
  3. I can choose to act in a positive and loving way.
  4. I can choose not to cause harm.
  5. I can choose to be aware of the effect of my thoughts and actions on myself and others.

So this statement became the foundation of my courses on violence prevention. I would present, explain and discuss this, invite questions, first up. A choice would then be offered.

  • If you can accept this, then you can learn something from this course.
  • If you can’t accept this, then you are wasting your time here and may as well leave.

No one ever left and there was some positive learning for us all. So I offer this to you and invite you to always ask me if I am following this in what I do. It applies to small and big things. In particular those wearing religious robes or claiming to teach ways of better living, who can’t follow this, should consider both buying new clothes and changing occupations.

The wedge tail eagles of the Morton National Park, endorse this and it is part of the local dreaming – Lyrebird Dreaming.

4 thoughts on “Eagle – Fire – Truth Sticks – Ethics and Choice

  1. sacredplacevastu

    Paddy the marksman … this article is very powerful and direct to the point, and I could palpably feel Eagle energy coming in on that final statement … woosh ….
    I have heard it said and I concur, that, modern man has nothing or little that is original to say nor bring forth, we largely just keep on recycling the same old concepts, truths and dis-truths.
    The only genuine and true Muse, that can inspire original thought and deed is Nature herself. Most nearly all of us do not sit with her ever or for long enough to listen and hear. It is apparent to me that Nature and her representatives have been tutoring your dreaming a while now. Keep on dreaming a good dream, you are a conduit and gateway to deeper places of me. Thankyou.

  2. padriacmurray Post author

    Thanks mate. Yes strong energy of eagle came to me last night about this topic quite fierce wanted to be written.

  3. sacredplacevastu

    Sitting in the bush a few years ago I witnessed a wedge tail eagle dive right past me, she must have been toward the end of the dive as it was kind of 45% to the ground rather than vertical, she then disappeared over the cliffs edge and into the deep gully, she was like a silent F1-11, a literal feathered rocket. It struck me that I had seen and felt why Eagle is so referred in all cultures … gently relaxed in floating repose with almost no effort, but with eyes keenly awake, then in less than a moment … decisive directed power and total confident commitment to objective.

  4. Rob Pigott

    Here’s something a visitor at our dinner table said when I was about 11 years old. It has left a guiding but changing impression on me over the years.
    “To be alive is to see things differently.”
    Would other contributors like to give us their take on this?
    Rob Pigott


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