The spiritual spring – owning our soul and spirit journey – freedom to choose what works for us in providing peace and beauty for our journey. The bush, forest, nature, people,  being in relationship with and connected to all and not separate is my song. I choose beauty as the focus of my journey.

Bush Spirit is a place to share my and others  expression of that.

We all need resources, inspiration and support on the journey.  It is the intention to create a range of conversations on this theme. As well to provide inspirations from personal stories including those of the great teachers where relevant,  no matter what their tradition. We also invite contributions from all with soul journey stories in the spirit of sharing from the heart.

Emphasis is place on experience especially from the heart. Bush Spirit is the inspiration of Paddy ( Paddy Spirit Journey)
to create a place for his creative expression as well as  a   space for useful resources and hopefully others stories and ideas.

In Australia and around the developed world the greatest growth by far is in people having no religion. A witness to the rapid demise of organised religion and their claims of ownership on the  spirit journey. Many people are still soulful, spiritual but not religious. A great social revolution, allowing us to invent and reinvent our life journey. This blog is dedicated to that journey.